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Why does someone always want Serbian citizenship and a Serbian passport? Well, it is certainly not one of the most popular products in the world, but it does bring some benefits. The Serbian passport does allow travel to many countries without having to submit a visa application in advance, and if we want to include countries with entry visa systems, this number will grow to more than 100. The visa-free system not only covers almost the entire Europe (except the United Kingdom and Ireland), but also countries/regions including China, which are very strict in allowing visa-free travel to their own territory. In addition to the Serbian passport, the desire to become a Serbian citizen may also be driven by a variety of motives, including the individual’s desire to become a full member of Serbia or the desire to vote.

In any case, if you plan to obtain Serbian citizenship and a Serbian passport, you must meet certain conditions.

First of all, before you even want to obtain Serbian citizenship, you need to have a permanent residence permit, you need to obtain a temporary residence permit first, and then a permanent residence permit. More precisely, if you have obtained a permanent residence permit and have lived in Serbia for three years after obtaining the permanent residence status, you can apply for Serbian citizenship.

There are many ways to obtain temporary or permanent residence, including the case where a foreigner owns a company because of the establishment of a company, or lives in Serbia while working in a Serbian company, and the marriage law provides for some different situations. Married to a Serbian citizen (or married to a person holding a permanent residence permit in Serbia) has the right to apply for Serbian citizenship immediately after obtaining the right of permanent residence.

If you are from Serbia, or if you have Serbian ancestors, then you may not have to meet the above residence permit requirements. You may directly apply for Serbian citizenship.

Finally, if you wish to obtain more information about Serbian citizenship, or wish to hire us to assist in dealing with Serbian authorities, please feel free to contact our legal office and check our website, we are happy to serve you.

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