Serbia transit visa

This type of visa is only issued to foreigners who plan to cross Serbian territory one or more times to another destination.

How does it work?

The maximum period of validity of a transit visa is six months, although the duration of stay in Serbia for each transit cannot exceed five days.

For the issuance of a transit visa, after passing through Serbia, you should have an entry visa for the destination country. If the country does not require a visa, you will be asked to provide other documents explaining the purpose of your visit to the country.

General requirements

  • Valid passport (must be valid for at least 90 days from the date of visa issuance)
  • Completed VISA application form
  • Photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
  • Enter the visa to the country/region where you are traveling (if the country/region does not require a visa, you need to provide other proof of residence in that country/region)
  • Proof of residence in your country
  • Round-trip air ticket or itinerary (if you travel by car, a copy of your driving license and insurance is required)
  • Proof of sufficient funds for transit through the territory of the Republic of Serbia
  • Proof of payment for visa fees

What is the procedure?

If you want to apply for this visa, you should start the operation at least 4 weeks before travel. These official arrangements take time, and the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia can request the latest documents if it deems it necessary.

You can find more information in the following link (Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Serbia abroad).

useful information

In some cases, if you transfer to Serbia during your journey, you may need a transit visa. Do you need to confirm with the airline whether paperwork is required.

Certain circumstances may also occur, and the country/region you pass through may also require a separate transit VISA. Make sure you fully understand all required documents.

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