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The first thing immigrating to Serbia is, of course, the plane arrives at or departs from the airport in Belgrade. What regulations does the airport have for luggage? Let me tell you~

hand-held luggage

Each airline will specify the exact amount, size and weight of luggage you can bring into the aircraft. Most commonly, one piece of hand luggage with a maximum authorized weight of between 5 and 10 kg is allowed. When booking a flight, it is necessary to check the allowable weight and size of hand luggage together with the airline.

Hand luggage liquid

Only when all the liquids, gels and aerosols in the hand luggage are packed in transparent bags not exceeding 20 cm x 20 cm and sealed not exceeding 20 cm x 20 cm can be carried. The maximum allowable capacity of a single liquid item shall not exceed 100 ml, and the maximum allowable capacity of a single passenger’s hand luggage shall not exceed 1,000 ml.

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Sharp metal objects, sticks or bats are prohibited in hand luggage. Weapons, ammunition, flammables, chemicals and toxic substances are prohibited in hand luggage and checked luggage.

If you have questions about permitted/prohibited items, please contact your airline.

Baggage check-in

Most carriers provide free carry-on baggage transportation services, while some carriers charge for each baggage separately. The allowable weight of checked baggage varies by airline, destination or travel class. In most cases, business class passengers can check up to two pieces of luggage, each of which does not exceed 32 kg, without additional fees, while economy class passengers can check up to one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 20 or 23 kg. You can find accurate information about checked baggage restrictions when booking your flight.

Specific baggage

Under special conditions, sports equipment, musical instruments, pets, fragile or valuable items, and overweight or bulky items can also be transported. When providing you with information about possibilities, conditions and price lists, it is necessary to make such requests to the airline when booking a flight.

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited from being carried in the airport area and/or on the aircraft:

Guns, firearms or other equipment that fire projectiles;
Electric shock device
Objects, tools, blunt objects with sharp points or edges;
Explosives and combustibles and equipment, as well as equipment that may cause serious injury or pose a safety threat.
Certain airlines do not allow equipment and items with lithium ion batteries to be carried without hand and luggage (such as hover boards, small electric scooters, flywheels or luggage scooters).

Certain electronic devices that use lithium-ion batteries (such as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones) can only be flown in hand luggage, provided they are turned off and are not charged when traveling by air.

Baggage delays and lost items

If your baggage is delayed and you have already contacted Aegean Airlines, Air France, Air France, Serbia Airlines, Alitalia, Agia Airways, Atlas Global Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Bellavia Airlines, easyJet, Etiha German Airways, Montenegro Airlines, Israel Airlines, Lufthansa, LOT, Swissair Travel Together, Norwegian Airlines, Pagasus Airlines, Qatar Airways, TAROM, Turkish Airlines, Vueling Airlines or Red Wings Airlines, you need Contact the Lost and Found Office of Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade at the baggage claim area and show your baggage ticket. After filling in the form, the case will be filed and the electronic baggage tracking will begin. After the delayed baggage is found and delivered at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the lost and found office will inform you about the delivery.

You can easily check the status of your baggage by entering a document reference from the “Lost and Found” airport service (electronic baggage tracking).

If you are a passenger of Cairo Air, flydubai, Tunis Air, Transavia or Wizz Air, please email or via (+381 64) 6419 025 to check your baggage delay information.

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