Obtain Serbian residency by establishing a company in Serbia

If you are interested in Serbian residency, you do not have to wait for the Serbian citizenship by investment program to start. If you have a viable business philosophy, you can also set up a company and apply for residency based on company operations.

Where the company operates and resides in Serbia

If you operate a company in Serbia, you are eligible for Serbian residency based on the company’s stable activities. In addition, your family members (spouse and minor children) can also join your family uniform program. On the one hand, the program is more cost-effective than investing in citizenship because you can get a company for a small amount of money. On the other hand, this requires more work because you have to run a company in a feasible way-as long as you want to retain your residency.

Concentrate on doing business and leave the rest to us

Although running a company in Serbia requires not only investment, but also more work, if you choose the right partner to help you complete the paperwork, you can greatly reduce this work so that you can focus on Serbia Development and growth of business.

Our offer includes:

Company formation (registered with the Chamber of Commerce and all other authorities)
Open a bank account: choose the right bank and determine the required currency
Register a seat (one year) and have mail forwarding function. In this way, official mail can always reach you and your accountant, and you will never miss an important deadline.
Business plan: essential for a successful residency application; prove that your business idea is feasible and can help you develop an action plan
Director’s personal tax number and social security number registration
Residence application for directors and family members (spouse and minor children)
In addition to the above, you may also need some other services. We are also happy to help you.

Accounting and bookkeeping-so your company always maintains compliance with local regulations.
Housing search: When applying for residency, you need to specify a Serbian address. We can help you find suitable accommodation for yourself and your family.
Office search.
Staff search.

So, do you want Serbian residency?

Serbia investment: start a company and obtain residency rights for yourself and your family. Just determine the business you want to do and leave the paperwork to us.

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One month express immigration to Serbia
The cost is only 4000 Euros.

1 Company establishment + work permit
1 or real estate transfer
2 D Visa Application
3 Application for Temporary Residence
4 Driver's License Application
5 Bank Account Opening

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