[News] EU chief diplomat does not oppose Kosovo-Serbia land exchange agreement

The EU’s chief diplomat, Josep Borrell, rejected the exchange of territory as an option for the Kosovo-Serbia agreement.

According to Kosovo’s “Koha” newspaper, Borel said in an interview with reporters from the Western Balkans that the EU “should not be more Catholic than the Pope” and asked the two countries to exclude land exchanges from a potential agreement.

When asked whether he himself and the EU oppose the exchange of territory between Kosovo and Serbia, Borel said:

“[…] This is a problem that needs to be resolved in the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo. I don’t think there is a need to be more Catholic than the Pope. We cannot tell Serbs and Kosovars what they should agree or disagree with. Our role will be to promote Dialogue. But as I said, we should not be more Catholic than the Pope.”

Borrell added that the two countries should carefully study any agreement between the two countries in terms of the potential impact of the EU in the region.

“If they reach an agreement on something, we have to study the agreement anyway, because every agreement between Serbia and Kosovo will have an impact on the region. But in principle, this should be freedom and justice between the two parties. Conversation.”

The reporter urged him to clarify whether this meant that the European Union would conflict with Germany’s position, which was inconsistent with any transaction including land exchange. .

“Let me say that I am more compromised than Germany. We need to promote dialogue, as I said, we have to consider the border effects of any other agreements in other parts of the region, because the border movement issues in these areas have always been sensitive. I I personally understand the position of Germany and other countries, but my special representative [Miroslav Raikk] and I are responsible for promoting dialogue.” Borel insisted.

Since 2018, under the mediation of former EU chief diplomat Federica Mogherini, the presidents of Kosovo and Serbia have been pushing for an agreement based on the exchange of territories between the two countries. After the Berlin summit organized by Merkel and Macron last year, Serbian President Alexander Vuzic declared the plan invalid, but President Trump appointed Ambassador Richard Glennell as the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue in October 2019. After the envoy, the plan surfaced.

Experts overwhelmingly warned of this transaction, which included land exchanges and delineation of borders along ethnic boundaries. According to this so-called plan, parts of Kosovo where Serbs live will join Serbia and vice versa. They believe that this move may cause a chain reaction, because the neighboring countries of almost all countries in the region have ethnic minorities beyond their own borders.

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