[News] Chen Bo, Chinese Ambassador to Serbia, inspects the Belgrade Ring Road project

On April 27, 2020, Chen Bo, the ambassador to Serbia, and Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transportation and Infrastructure Mikhailovich jointly inspected the Belgrade Ring Road project undertaken by PowerChina.

  Chen Bo said that it is of special significance to visit the construction site of Huancheng Road again when the people of China and Serbia are fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic together. While strictly complying with the various epidemic prevention and control measures in Serbia, all Chinese companies in Serbia are doing their best to reduce the impact of the epidemic on cooperative projects. The construction of the ring road project undertaken by China Power Construction has never stopped. Chinese companies have actively participated in Serbia’s fight against the epidemic and have overcome the difficulties together with the Serbian people. It is believed that after the epidemic, Chinese companies will also contribute to Serbia’s resumption of work and production and economic recovery.

  Mikhailovich thanked the Chinese companies in Serbia for fighting side by side with the Serbian people from the first day of the fight against the epidemic, and provided Serbia with masks, protective clothing, gloves and other large amounts of material assistance. This is an important manifestation of the “hardcore” friendship between the two countries, for which Se is deeply grateful. The Belgrade Ring Road project has been the dream of the people of Serbia’s capital for decades. After completion, it will greatly alleviate the traffic congestion in the capital. It is a key project in the field of infrastructure construction in Serbia. In the current anti-epidemic struggle, continuing to advance the progress of the project requires more effort. Thanks to the great efforts of Chinese companies in Serbia, including Power China, the Serbian government will continue to provide support and convenience for the advancement of cooperative projects.

  Chen Bo listened to the report on the progress of the project on the spot, and once again reminded the company to take epidemic prevention and control as the main task, and to take a solid approach to various prevention and control measures to ensure the health and safety of workers.

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