General entry requirements for Serbia.

  1. A valid travel document, or a valid identity document (if this is required in accordance with the bilateral agreement or the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia);
  2. If the passport holder of the corresponding country requires a Serbian visa, the valid visa in the passport;
  3. Proof of sufficient funds to stay in Serbia. Sufficient funds are considered to be 50 euros per day for accommodation, which can be proven by having an appropriate amount of cash, bank statements, traveler’s checks, credit cards or guarantee letters;
  4. According to the information from the Ministry of Health, although he/she is from a pandemic area, he/she has not been infected with infectious diseases or has been vaccinated.
  5. If a minor child travels with one parent, the other parent must submit the relevant certification authorization; if the child travels with a third person, the parent or guardian’s authorization is required;
  6. It is recommended to purchase health insurance during your stay in Serbia, which may include not less than 20,000 Euros for medical expenses.

According to the “Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Serbia”, foreigners are not allowed to enter the Republic of Serbia:

  1. If he/she does not have a valid travel document, or if necessary, does not have a properly obtained visa to the Republic of Serbia (check here whether a visa is required and the visa requirements issued by the Republic of Serbia)
  2. If he/she does not have enough funds to maintain his/her life during his/her stay in the Republic of Serbia, please return to his/her country of origin or transit to a third country. Sufficient funds are considered to be 50 euros per day for accommodation, which can be proven by having an appropriate amount of cash, bank statements, travellers’ checks, credit cards or guarantee letters;
  3. If he/she is in transit but does not meet the requirements for entering a third country;
  4. If protective repatriation measures or deportation security measures have taken effect, or his/her residence permit has been cancelled, and/or other measures recognized in domestic or international law, including prohibition of crossing national borders, it shall be effective; the prohibition shall Implement the corresponding measures or cancellation of the residence permit during the entire validity period;
  5. If he/she does not have a vaccination certificate or other good health certificate, it is based on the information provided by the Ministry of Health when he/she arrives from an area affected by infectious diseases;
  6. If requested for reasons related to the protection of public order or safety of the Republic of Serbia and its citizens;
  7. If he/she has an international criminal record;
  8. If there is a reasonable doubt, he/she will use the intended purpose of the visit instead of the stated purpose.

The border authority may require the presentation of a tourist travel certificate issued by the Atravel operator, a formal certification invitation letter from a natural or legal person, a return ticket, a hotel reservation or a certificate verifying the address of the private residence during the visit. You may be required to provide other information that proves the purpose when crossing the border.

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