Emigrated to Serbia. Looking for an apartment.

Where to start ?

You are thinking about certain areas, so how do you find an apartment in Belgrade now? Locals in Belgrade usually find rented accommodation through word of mouth, newspapers and social media, but all advertisements are usually in Serbian. Fortunately, there are many English-speaking real estate agents whose website is easy to use, where you can browse photos and details of available apartments. City Expert is a new online agency that does not charge tenants any fees, or you can choose a traditional real estate agency to provide more in-depth assistance in finding apartments-including negotiating lower prices. The following real estate agents all have websites with English advertising and several currency options to give you a better understanding of costs.

Long stay

As the name suggests, the following agencies specialize in providing long-term leasing services. Most likely, although most apartments offer a one-year contract, the minimum stay is at least 6 months.

  • City expert
  • Symbol attributes
  • Real estate euro rent
  • Best real estate
  • Residential
  • Bolent
  • Long-term rental

Short stay

If you’re better to understand the city before choosing a permanent apartment or house, there are many short-term options to choose from. There are many newly renovated apartments in Belgrade, which are equipped with all the necessities you can find in the capital.

  • Basco Agent
  • Captain’s Apartment
  • Domovina
  • Airbnb

Useful information

When you see the monthly rental price in Belgrade, please note that this usually does not include the bill. Your landlord will forward all electricity, TV and Internet fees, gas, water and other expenses upon arrival. You can pay him/her directly or at the post office. This means you don’t have to set up any new accounts with your own name, which is useful if you are not sure how long you will stay in the city. For visa or banking purposes, your housing contract should be sufficient to prove your official residence in Serbia.

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