Different ways to obtain a residence permit in Serbia

Obtaining a residence permit in Serbia is one of the basic rights of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia and is governed by the Aliens Act (“Zakon o strancima”, Official Gazette RS, No. 97/2008), which stipulates three types Of stay:

Stay in Serbia for up to 90 days
Temporary residence in Serbia
Permanent residency in Serbia

90 days in Serbia

In contrast to obtaining temporary or permanent residence, foreigners can stay for up to 90 days with or without a Serbian visa (if not otherwise provided for by law or internationally binding contracts). For this type of accommodation, no special approval from the competent authority is required. However, you must report your stay to the local police station within 24 hours of arrival. You can report your place of residence in person at every local police station in charge of foreign affairs in your place of residence and online. When changing the address in Serbia, the same steps should be followed. In addition, legal persons and natural persons that provide foreigners with professional accommodation services must also report accommodation. This must be done within 24 hours of their arrival.

Temporary residence in Serbia

If you plan to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days, the foreigner should apply for temporary residence in Serbia. If approved, a 90-day to one-year residence permit will be issued on a case-by-case basis. After applying for a temporary residence permit, they need to submit a valid travel document and the following proof:

They have enough funds to make ends meet
They have valid health insurance
The purpose of the temporary stay is reasonable

The law lists in detail the reasons for the purpose of the residence permit and the reasons for granting the right of temporary residence. these are:

Work, employment or conduct business and other professional activities

Go to school, study or live, scientific research, research, internship, participation in international exchange programs

Family join

Other reasonable grounds based on laws and international treaties.

Foreigners who have been granted temporary residence for the reasons listed are obliged to stay in the Republic of Serbia for the purpose of granting the residence permit. Approved temporary residency is marked on the passport. Foreigners can make a request to extend the period of the temporary residence permit not to exceed 30 days. If the residence permit is cancelled, or the state adopts protection or expulsion measures for foreigners, the right of temporary residence will be terminated after the expiration date.

Permanent residency in Serbia

The right of permanent residence in Serbia can be granted by the relevant authorities if one of the following conditions is met:

They have lived continuously in the Republic of Serbia for more than 5 years-until the date of submission of the permanent residence application, because they have obtained a temporary residence permit for 5 years (or more).
They have been married to citizens of the Republic of Serbia or foreigners who have obtained permanent residency for at least 3 years.
A minor who has the right of temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia, and one of his parents is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia or a foreigner with permanent residence status.
They have Serbian descent
They have been granted a temporary residence permit, but if it is necessary for the benefit of the Republic of Serbia or for humanitarian reasons-they will be granted permanent residence.

Frequently asked questions

What documents do you need to obtain a residence permit in Serbia?
For any type of residence permit, in addition to the requirements, foreigners also need to submit documents to prove the reason for the residence permit. This document varies according to the reasons and is subject to different regulations (for example: regulations on granting foreigners study or specialization, scientific research, practical training, participation in international student exchange programs or other science and technology programs) educational activities- ‘Sl. Glasnik RS”, 2009 No. 59). If a foreigner chooses to seek a residence permit through a lawyer, they can provide you with sufficient information about the necessary documents and assist you in collecting these documents.

What are the reasons for the termination of the Serbian residence permit?
There may be several reasons for the termination of the residence permit:

When the residence permit expires.

The state adopts protection or expulsion measures for foreigners.

Cancel the residence permit in Serbia?
The residence permit can be cancelled in Serbia due to legal obstacles that refuse to enter the Republic of Serbia.

Illegal residence of foreigners in Serbia-what are the consequences?

Foreigners without a legal basis must leave the Republic of Serbia immediately or leave the Republic of Serbia within 30 days. The exact date will be stated in the decision by the relevant public agency.

What happens if the foreigner does not leave Serbia after the expiration of the residence permit?

If the foreigner does not leave Serbia within the order period, the police will use force to expel him from Serbian territory. In order to ensure the implementation of the deportation protection measures, foreigners’ passports or other documents and travel tickets can be temporarily detained. The expelled foreigner will reimburse the expenses of the forced expulsion unless certain conditions are met and the expenses are borne by the Republic of Serbia.

in conclusion

We try to summarize the most important information about obtaining a residence permit in Serbia. I hope readers can have a general understanding of the types of residence permits in the Republic of Serbia and the rights and obligations of foreigners when entering Serbia. However, please remember that the information provided does not represent legal advice or legal advice. Therefore, before starting any procedure, it is recommended to consult with someone who is fully familiar with this field of law.

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